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The Maryland Constitution says that YOU, the voters of Howard County, are supposed to choose our Circuit Court Clerk. But when Margaret Rappaport retired in 2012 after 22 years in office, there was no vote done by voters to appoint Wayne Robey as her successor. In 2014 when it was time for voters to vote on a Clerk, there was only ONE NAME on the ballot.

So, he got the job by default.

This election, YOU finally have a choice! Let me tell you WHY you might want to choose a different clerk:


Our current Clerk, though an employee of the office for about 31 years, appears to have some problems with the execution of his mandatory duties:


Time for a clerk who does the job with diligence.

Remember the fiasco with the Howard County Sheriff who had to resign? Do you know the role that our Clerk Wayne Robey played in all of that?

(from http://howcome.md/sheriff-situation-laugh-to-keep-from-crying/ )

Wayne Robey, long-time employee of the Clerk’s office, DID NOT administer the oath to Sheriff Fitzgerald in 2014. Didn’t he know that Fitzgerald hadn’t taken the oath that was supposed to be taken? Was Robey okay with having a guy in office who was found in a Feb 24, 2016 investigation to have improperly used 4 county-subsidized employees to help Fitzgerald campaign for his 2014 reelection? Why did it take a lawsuit to be filed naming Robey as a defendant before this wrong was made right?



Time for a clerk who works hard for ALL citizens– EQUALLY.

In another lawsuit involving developers that had huge consequences for Howard Countians and their ability to put an item on the election ballot, Robey had to take the stand because of issues concerning things being wrong on the case docket and people not getting important notices because they were flagged not to. These Howard County lawyers nearly lost their law license, and had to fight to get the truth about Robey’s office:


And when Robey was on the stand at trial in Annapolis, the following ensued when a Judge discussed the Rule that he is supposed to follow regarding filings/pleadings received by his office:

(It’s from case C-02-CV-16-000465 in the Anne Arundel Circuit Court)

Time for transparency without a fight, in the office.

As some people who pay attention to Maryland government affairs know, an issue got flagged by our Maryland General Assembly regarding the fact that many circuit court clerks were found to have been improperly doing their budgets by inflating expenses:


I made the following request for information from Wayne Robey regarding his office budget that is almost $3 million dollars:


And here is Mr. Robey’s response to me:


So, citizens can’t know Robey’s budgets, a government office? Did he inflate his?


  Time for a change in the office.

In the 2014 election, this was the breakdown of Clerks elected across Maryland:

  • 14 were male

  • 10 were female

  • 11 were Democrat

  • 13 were Republican


  • (note: there’s nothing Democratic or Republican about court files, records or licenses)

In researching the history of Howard County Circuit Court clerks, I was surprised to learn that we have only ONCE BEFORE ever had a female clerk.

I wasn’t surprised to see that a minority man or woman has never held the position.


I’m running to REFORM the Howard County Circuit Courthouse in order to bring needed change that works equally for the benefit of ALL citizens, and transparency to a hidden place. Please vote for me to help make that happen!