Candidate Question: How to Get Citizens Engaged

I’m not shy about how I feel concerning Mr. Robey’s failure to do all he can to let citizens know WHAT the Clerk of the Circuit Court does and WHY …

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Candidate Question: Me and Politics

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Candidate Question: Challenges Next 4 Years

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Hello Howard Countians!

With the primary behind me, I’m now gearing up to publicly run my campaign for Clerk of the Circuit Court of Howard County. I have A LOT that I want …

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Hi. My name is Marlena Jareaux (the x is silent), and that’s me standing outside the Howard County Circuit Court building a few days after the devastating 2018 floods in historic Ellicott City. I wanted to wait until after the primary to unveil my site and start campaigning. I needed to learn all that I could about my opponent’s tactics, and what I might expect running against him. I didn’t expect to learn that Robey provided false testimony to our County Council recently to help sell an alleged “need” for a huge Mega Complex and Circuit Courthouse to be built on Bendix Road. While he said we have a Sixth Judge coming to Howard that we “need” new space for to accommodate, I did the work to find that it was FALSE. Almost a half a billion will be spent on what is more of a “WANT”, and it’s crazy to think it won’t impact citizens for decades to come. ONE of us testified against the Council Bill, while one of us allowed false testimony to stand. Boy do I have a lot to say, but first thing’s first…


You might know me from 4th grade at Dasher Green Elementary when my family first moved to Columbia. Or you might know me when I was a Wilde Lake High Wildecat. Some of you know me because I also spent a lot of time with friends of mine at Oakland Mills High.


Then there’s my son, Kaleb. Some of you know me as “Kaleb’s mom”, as he went through Atholton Elementary, Atholton Middle and Hammond High. Two Howard County families know me really well because their sons and mine have been roommates while the time slipped by to their graduation this past May from UMCP! (Go Terps!!)


Some of you don’t know me (yet), but I look forward to changing that.


I’m running for Clerk of the Circuit Court because REFORM is badly needed at the courthouse. I’ve written the FOUR primary reasons why change is needed, and you’ll find them by clicking HERE. I will use my campaign and this website to reveal additional issues, and to meet YOU. YOU should know what the Clerk does, because the job directly affects many and indirectly affects nearly all Howard Countians. It’s the job of the Clerk to TELL YOU, and he hasn’t.

I’ll let some of you know before election day, and others when you come to my office or my office comes to YOU once I get the job.


If you read no further, just know the following about me… “No” I did not vote for Donald Trump, “Yes” I have strong feelings about things needing to change in our political and government systems, “No” I have not been taking developer $ for my campaign (i find it offensive), and I believe you should be looking at THE INDIVIDUAL in every race (as opposed to having blind allegiance to “party”). We don’t need a Blue or a Red Wave… we need an INTEGRITY wave in our country and YES, our County! Writing that may not get me many friends, but it will get me the right ones!

Don’t listen when my opponent tells you about his “experience” at the job, and how it’s critical. I researched the issue, and here’s what I’ve found:

As you can see, neither education level NOR prior experience has ever been responsible for our clerks getting the job! When Margaret Rappaport ran for the job against someone who had it for years, she won because the voters heard about the problems he had in his office. As she said a few times, when you have great people among your staff, as I’m sure exist at his office, you don’t need to know how to do every job there. THE most important job is to lead and empower them, as good bosses know!

And speaking of education, my opponent started taking the Institute of Court Management program just 4 years ago. Though he says on his website that he is a “graduate”, he is not one yet until October. Good to know that you don’t NEED that either in order to get the job. 

While I’m sure that some of the “work” to become electronic was the result of dedicated workers in Robey’s Ellicott City office that we’ll never know, it was also the work of Judicial Information Systems in Annapolis and Tyler Technologies who have worked to bring ALL of the Maryland counties online.


Specifically, I’m going to call Mr. Robey out for taking credit for the work of someone else!! Though the 2013 audit he mentioned was released in 2013, a closer look at it reveals that the period of time it covered was up to October of 2012, when he WAS NOT THE CLERK!! That honor belongs to Rappaport.


Other than those issues, great fiscal audit Mr. Robey, since it covers PART of the work your office does!!


And say… looks like you’ve got a friend there! Mr. Guzzone, who took your dad’s seat when he retired!



No wonder you don’t have to campaign or fundraise!! You’re using your daddy’s $$


I prefer to campaign the old fashioned way… through as many actual citizens of Howard County as possible.

To the citizens: Ask me ANYTHING you want.. your elected officials should be TRANSPARENT. That’s why my site is called